The Role Of Breast Feeding In Cognitive Development Of A.

The Effect of Breastfeeding on Children’s Cognitive.

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Breastfeeding Essay Cognitive Development

Breastfeeding And Its Impact On Child Development, Essay.

In another study, it was found that the duration of exclusive breastfeeding has a significant impact on cognitive development without compromising growth among children born small for gestational age. These data suggested that mothers should breastfeed exclusively for 24 weeks to enhance cognitive development.

Breastfeeding Essay Cognitive Development

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A possible link between breastfeeding and cognitive development In 1999, American researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 20 studies to determine whether breastfed children score higher on tests of cognitive function than formula-fed children. (1) They found that children who were breastfed had significantly higher levels of cognitive function.

Breastfeeding Essay Cognitive Development

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Studies have shown that when a newborn is breastfed it has slightly enhanced the child's performance on tests and their cognitive development (AAP Section on Breastfeeding; 2005, p. 496 as cited in The Annual Editions).. In the Annual Editions, Elizabeth Soliday talks a lot about the benefits to breast feeding. One main example is that.


Method: Compare the articles Breastfeeding and intelligence of preschool children (1), and Effect of breastfeeding on cognitive development of infants born small for gestational age (2) to discuss findings and highlight both strengths and weaknesses. Results: Both articles have similarities in the end number of participants and general findings, but vary in research acquisition methods and.

Essay on Breastfeeding’s effect on cognitive development.

Furthermore, breastfeeding is protective against obesity and improves cognitive outcomes at 24 months and 54 months, but has little effect on respiratory outcomes after 9 months. Breastfeeding for 6 months or more increases motor scores at 9 months. Broadly, these results are not sensitive to model specifications. 2.

Breast milk and cognitive development—the role of.

Breastfeeding also promotes higher cognitive development as compared to formula milk. Breast milk contains DHA that is an essential fatty acid that promotes cognitive development (ABC News, 2009). DHA has been added to formula milk currently, but its effects cannot be compared to that of breast milk. Research also indicates that the IQ scores and other intelligence tests were higher for those.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding Across the Early Years of.

In this essay methods for assessing the cognitive and neurodevelopmental aspect of breastfeeding aspects will be reviewed. The results found in this review suggest that breastfeeding has a benefit in the development of the brain and in addition a beneficial impact on the parents. This can be seen in faster development of crucial brain areas, better cognitive functions and better maternal.


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Cognitive Development in Children with Chronic Protein Energy Malnutrition Effect of Breastfeeding Duration on Cognitive Development in Infants: 3-Year Follow-Up Study (Links to an external site.) And view the following videos: Genetics and Intelligence Robert Plomin (Links to an external site.) The Teenage Brain: A World of Their Own Kids and Language Child looking at a tablet screen.jpg. In.


Three of the four papers presented here discuss the research challenges in distinguishing the effect of breastfeeding on the social and emotional development of young children. These papers focus on maternal-infant attachment, social and behavioural adjustment, and cognitive development as indicators of psychosocial development. The fourth paper, by Greiner, discusses the social practices that.

Breastfeeding Essay Cognitive Development

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Breastfeeding and child cognitive development: new evidence from a large randomized trial. Archives of General Psychiatry, 65(5), 578-584. (PubMed ID: 18458209) Prolonged or exclusive breastfeeding does not protect against asthma or allergy. Kramer M.S., Matush L., Vanilovich I., Platt R., Bogdanovich N., Sevkovskaya Z. et al. Promotion of Breastfeeding Intervention Trial (PROBIT) Study Group.

Breastfeeding Essay Cognitive Development

Breast-Feeding Brings Cognitive Benefits, Study Suggests.

The results of the study support the WHO expert recommendations on exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months; moreover, they provide evidence that even a shorter duration of exclusive breastfeeding in early infancy produces beneficial effects on the cognitive development of children. The breastfeeding related IQ gain observed already at the age of 1 was sustained through preschool age, and the.

Breastfeeding Essay Cognitive Development

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Perhapsthe most important benefit of breastfeeding to a child is the abilityof breast milk to aid good health as well as growth and development.Breast milk contains the ideal nutrients such as vitamins, proteins,water, fat and mineral salts that are necessary for the growth anddevelopment of the child. Breast milk is provided in an easy todigest formula which does not strain the undeveloped.

Breastfeeding Essay Cognitive Development

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Furthermore, data on the effects of breast-feeding on other aspects of brain development (i.e. visual acuity and head circumference) and the potential negative effects of environmental contaminants in human milk on cognitive function will be covered briefly. The most important meta-analysis and critical reviews will be discussed together with a few recent important papers.

Breastfeeding Essay Cognitive Development

The effect of breastfeeding on children's cognitive and.

The content of our working papers is the work of their authors and does not necessarily represent the views of IFS research staff or. on children’s cognitive development, but not on non-cognitive development or health. Regarding mechanisms, we estimate how breastfeeding affects parental investments in the child and the quality of the mother-child relationship. Keywords: Breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Essay Cognitive Development

The Effect of Breastfeeding on Children’s Cognitive and.

Context The evidence that breastfeeding improves cognitive development is based almost entirely on observational studies and is thus prone to confounding by subtle behavioral differences in the breastfeeding mother's behavior or her interaction with the infant. Objective To assess whether prolonged and exclusive breastfeeding improves children's cognitive ability at age 6.5 years.