Ethnic Wear for Women in Singapore.

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Essay About Singapore Culture Dress

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Baju kurung is the ethnic dress of many Malays in Singapore: a long, flowing skirt paired with a long-sleeved, knee-length blouse. While traditionally designed to be loose and airy, contemporary versions now feature more fitted cuts that incorporate runway-inspired trends, long with colourful patterns and up-to-date accessories.

Essay About Singapore Culture Dress

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Descriptive Essay: Singapore Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia, just off the Malay Peninsula and 85 miles north of the equator. The country is young but well developed with leaning skyscrapers, diverse communities and unique buildings.. share religious beliefs or even come from the same culture. English is declared to be the.

Essay About Singapore Culture Dress

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The Singapore Airlines stewardesses, also known as the Singapore Girls, wear the sarong kebaya as their uniform. The sarong kebaya is a distinctive Peranakan traditional dress similar to the nyonya kebaya. For years, this has allowed the Singapore Girl to be a reflection of Singapore's ethnic culture.


Nearly all Singapore homes would require you to take off your shoes before entering. Because of the humid weather, flip flops and shorts is the unofficial “uniform” of Singapore and the dress code is lax even in most places like Restaurants. Non-Asians (Typically white westerners) are usually referred to as an “ang moh”.

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And for those asking for our national dress - we don't have one - but anything with an ORCHID print is what we use to represent Singapore! Men wear batik shirts with orchid prints. Women wear anything - skirts, blouses, shirts etc - with orchid prints!

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An author says about the importance of culture that “culture is the set of transmitted and learned behavior patterns, beliefs, institutions and all other products of human work and thought that characterize the functioning of particular population, profession, organization or community”10, so the only representative of the particular community or population is the culture.

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My friends and family influence my personal culture in numerous ways. Essays on Dress Code A dress code is the set of rules concerning what clothes to wear to a venue or an event. California recorded 5,019 new cases on Monday, a record rise of the state's daily case number for the fourth time in a week. 500 words may seem like the national debt.


The Importance of Culture Culture can be defined as the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. It can also be understood as the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.Therefore, it’s the shared patterns of our behavior and interaction which are learned through socialization.

Singapore Culture. Singapore is a cosmopolitan society where people live harmoniously and interaction among different races are commonly seen. The pattern of Singapore stems from the inherent cultural diversity of the island. The immigrants of the past have given the place a mixture of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European influences, all of.


The country includes the island of Singapore and 58 or so smaller islands. Because of its efficient and determined government, Singapore has become a flourishing country that excels in trade and tourism and is a model to developing nations. The capital city, also called Singapore, covers about a third of the area of the main island.

Essay About Singapore Culture Dress

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Avoid Cultural Mistakes in Singapore. Although the basic format of a business meeting or sales transaction might be the same if you're taking a business trip to Singapore, there are a wide number of cultural norms that aren't. That's why it's critical for business travelers heading to Singapore to recognize cultural differences and plan around.

Essay About Singapore Culture Dress

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Islamic tradition suffuses the dress code for locals, Muslim or otherwise, and dictates that both men and women should keep torsos covered; shirt sleeves, if short, should come down to the elbow (for women, long-sleeved tops are preferable), while shorts or skirts should extend down to the knee (long trousers are ideal).

Essay About Singapore Culture Dress

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Singapore is ranked third out of 137 countries across the world. It is the cosmopolitan melting of various cultures that comprises the unique mix of western and Asian cultural influences. Singapore government has adopted a non-interventionist approach which provides in developing cultural tendencies to predominate.

Essay About Singapore Culture Dress

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Fashion Essay Topics to Reveal Important Issues. Writing an essay about fashion allows you to choose from a diversity of different topics. The topics vary from the influence of fashion on the culture to the role of fashion in building financial empires. Here is a bunch of examples.

Essay About Singapore Culture Dress

Singapore's approach to diversity has created a.

Singapore is an adventure, building upon itself, and is establishing a framework for success in culture and enterprise moving forward into the future. The Singapore Breakdown Population-wise, Singapore is now recognised as the second densest sovereign state in the world, with a population over 5.69 million as of 2016.

Essay About Singapore Culture Dress

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Culture may be defined as behavior peculiar to human beings, together with material objects used. Culture consists of language, ideas, beliefs, customs, codes, institution, tools, techniques, works of arts, ceremonies and so on. According to Allama Iqbal: “Culture encompasses all the mental, Spiritual and Physical activities of a Nation.