How to Write a Philosophy of Teaching Statement—Tips.

Philosophy of Education Examples for Elementary Teachers.

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How To Write An Educational Philosophy Statement

Teaching Philosophy Statement: Graduate School.

An excellent guide for writing your teaching philosophy statement is Occasional Paper number 23, “Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy for the Academic Job Search” from the University of Michigan’s Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, which you can find at this page on The Teaching Philosophy and Statement.

How To Write An Educational Philosophy Statement

Writing an educational leadership philosophy statement.

Write the introduction to your personal philosophy statement. Begin with a strong sentence that clarifies who you are. Consider telling a brief story about a significant event or person in your life or starting with a well-known quote. Then, explain how this connects to your philosophy.

How To Write An Educational Philosophy Statement

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Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement Your teaching philosophy should reflect your personal values and beliefs about teaching. It is a self-reflective statement that describes both what you believe and provides concrete examples of what you do in the classroom to support those beliefs.


The philosophy of education statement is a written description of what you interpret the best approach to education to be. Examining your philosophies concerning the learning process, the students, the view of knowledge, and the essential skills and information that should be learned and using them to compose a statement will give others a good idea of what your classroom might be like.

How to Write a Homeschooling Philosophy Statement.

How to write a personal statement for teacher training; How to write a must-read CV; The personal statement: why does it matter? The personal statement presents the perfect opportunity to show you are an exceptional candidate, understand teaching and know the school you are applying to. It is not an easy task and is a tricky thing to get right.

Role of a teaching philosophy statement in a professional.

When writing a nursing philosophy statement, nurses should include their own personal goals. This is the goal or promise that they make to themselves. It may be about growing in their profession or about providing a certain level of care. Tips for Your Nursing Philosophy. If you have to write about your nursing philosophy, there are a few tips that can help you out. Getting started on this.

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Special educators work with children and youth with disabilities or sometimes with gifted students. Although, it can be a satisfying career, special education teachers have a lot of demands. When.


Writing a teaching philosophy statement may take some time, but most instructors will find the process easy once they pause and think about what drew them to this field in the first place. Reflecting on core values and beliefs about education and the role of educators can bring life and direction to any statement.

A personal philosophy of early childhood education should be used as a tool that not only guides your own teaching, but also helps your staff and parents understand your individual approach to early learning. Developing Your Personal Philosophy. Going through the process of creating your own philosophy of early childhood education can help you more clearly define what kind of teacher you want.


The first step of writing a teaching philosophy is defining three to five core values. These values should be characteristics that are especially important in a strong teacher. You might be able.

How To Write An Educational Philosophy Statement

How to Write a Personal Educational Philosophy Statement.

When writing your teaching philosophy statements, never use the word you or we. Teaching is an art and different individuals have various artistic styles of teaching and learning. So when writing your philosophy statements, always use the pronouns I or my. Each teacher has his or her own creative and artistic way of teaching. Hence, teaching philosophy statements are unique to the individual.

How To Write An Educational Philosophy Statement

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Other tips for writing your teaching statement: Keep it short. A concise 1-2 page statement organized around the four points listed above will help you write an organized description of how you teach. Be specific and concrete. Including brief examples of how your teaching style plays out in the classroom will help your readers visualize your teaching. Show rather than tell the reader what your.

How To Write An Educational Philosophy Statement

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Teaching Philosophy Examples Showing Passion and Beliefs. Review these philosophies and gather some ideas on what should be included. There are different types of teaching philosophies that can be submitted with your resume and cover letter or included in your education portfolio. Plus, there are various ways to write your philosophy of teaching statements.

How To Write An Educational Philosophy Statement

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The question was the same: How do you write a statement of teaching philosophy that doesn’t sound exactly like everybody else’s? In my 10 years as a tenure-track or tenured professor, I have.

How To Write An Educational Philosophy Statement

Teaching Philosophy of Education Statement Writing and.

A Philosophy of Education is an informative document that describes your own personal ideas and goals for teaching and education. Writing a clear and concise Philosophy of Education is vital if you.

How To Write An Educational Philosophy Statement

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Suggestions for Writing an Educational Philosophy Statement. After a great deal of thought and discussion, here is what we came up with as a framework for thinking about and writing your philosophy statement. There was a part of us that rebelled against giving you this document. You need to realize that we have never done this before, as we believe this philosophy statement must come from the.